What is a Social Project?

This document aims to present an educational project that responds to the academic demands of our times; increasingly globalized. Today, it is as important as it is necessary to offer Mexican students, especially those who have less, study opportunities where, in addition to their training, they learn new forms of cultural interaction. For this, it is necessary to make strategic alliances with government institutions in Mexico: high schools, institutes, companies committed to education, foundations and other people with a sense of philanthropy; in order to select bright students and offer them study opportunities in the colleges of the United States of America.

Within our attendance folder we offer students:

Vocational orientation.
Vocational guidance is a personal, psychological and pedagogical process to support the students chosen in our program to choose the profession that best suits their needs and aptitudes through individual evaluations and talks. This objective will not only help the student's time in the classroom to have more performance; but, in addition, it prepares him for his inclusion and pre-development in the labor universe.

Personal values ​​and community coexistence.
Through talks, music related to the theme and group dynamics, we will be promoting the values ​​inherent to the human being, as well as the archetypal form of ancestral coexistence of him. The academic performance of our students is so important to us; as well as the one that knows how to coexist in harmony and show quality of values. To do this, we have a code of coexistence and non-negotiable values ​​where those who display irreproachable conduct will be rewarded and those who do not comply with this essential requirement will be sanctioned.

Financial education.
Many students finish a professional career, even in prestigious universities and already, graduates, do not know how to generate wealth with their knowledge; Independent of its academic subjects, Education Beyond High School will teach financial education to:

• Generate financial capital with its knowledge resources (includes the virtual world and technologies).
• Manage the savings habit.
• Cover the requirements to acquire a car or property in the USA.
• Other related topics.

Virtual support for parents.
In the same way, parents will be invited, whenever their son/daughter has been selected, to talks so that they can better manage their emotions due to leaving their son/daughter during their time of higher studies in abroad. Our experience indicates that parental nostalgia is a factor for school dropout in students abroad. This support will be prior to your child's departure to the USA and also during the time the student is in their academic process.

In the same way, it has been contemplated that before their trip, they perfect or learn the English language, a fundamental requirement for their insertion in the academic system of the United States of America. Our experience indicates that with 10 months of intensive study, the student will be prepared to face the new language in the school subject.

Medical assistance.
The health of our students is a priority in our program, either to give special treatment to those who require it or to offer routine consultation.

Financial support.
Once integrated into the neighboring country to the north, students will have their travel expenses, lodging, registration, books, teaching materials, transportation, excursions, additional courses and inherent expenses covered throughout their study cycle.

For the purposes of a better understanding of the vision, mission and purpose of Education Beyond High School, I present to you our fundamentals:

EDUCATION BEYOND HIGH SCHOOL will ensure that no student from Mexico or Latin America, who meets the requirements, is left without academic opportunities in higher education. Education must be available to everyone, especially to those most in need.

EDUCATION BEYOND HIGH SCHOOL will carry out permanent cultural and advertising campaigns to educate the Mexican and Latino communities in the noble path of education.

EDUCATION BEYOND HIGH SCHOOL It will make success stories with the students that, in turn, will serve as inspiration, hope and motivation to those who believe that it is not possible to study in an institution in the United States of America. This is our commitment.

Naturally, this project has a spirit of social service. Education Beyond High School is a non-profit organization that depends on financial support from individuals to carry out this noble work. Thus, we sincerely invite you to join us in supporting a particular student. A student will have one or more sponsors (godparents) who will cover their expenses.

The godfather will obtain monthly: report card, student progress in other elective subjects such as arts or sports and, every six months, photographs and letter of thanks from the student. The main satisfaction of the sponsor will be to have participated in the training of a professional and to be present, either virtually or in person, at their graduation. Added to this personal satisfaction is that your donations will be tax deductible.

Give the opportunity to help a young man or woman to realize their dreams. Let's give ourselves, together, the opportunity to transform lives for the better. This is our proposal, now let your heart speak.

We have several plans to receive your sponsorships, donations or support.